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3-28-21 A Good News Story

8-23-20 Twenty-five Years

9-20-20 Submit

9-27-20 Power in Prayer

10-4-20 Do You Hear Me

10-25-20 My Comfort

11-1-20 The Meadow

11-15-20 The Rapture

11-22-20 One Nation Under God

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Where is your faith, then?
On whom do you rely?
My promises have long been given.
In all things I will supply.
Strength when you are weak,
Comfort when you’re forlorn.
Love when you feel lonely
And grace when your heart is torn.
Mercy when you’ve lost your way,
And patience, when you stumble and fall.
My Hands will lift and keep you
but to me, you must give your all.
Where is your faith, child?
Still on things of this world?
Haven’t you learned by now, child?
Can’t you accept the promises in My Word?
Where is your faith, child?
I’ve given my all for you.
I sacrificed my blood and my life
So that righteousness could live in you.
Let fall the final barrier that
you cling to, so desperately.
Come, child, let go.
Rest, you will find in Me.

The smile seems permanently mounted in place.
No frown, no grimace has dared cross my face.
And, I ask myself, what is it that changed?
My circumstances have not altered:
no new job, no home on the range.
My heart was so heavy. Was it just last week?
I carried a burden, But I laid it at His feet.
This time, I truly left it at His Throne.
I turned, walked away, and the burden was gone!
No more do I worry, wonder, and fret.
I finally let go. It’s the best lesson yet.
No longer bound with ropes I can’t break,
I let Him take control, my life to take.
I’m now free to serve. Free to focus on Him.
What a wonderful gift!
Praise God, and His Spirit within!
How mighty is your power, Lord.
We cry out to you and You forgive even the worst of our sins.
You welcome us back with open arms when we fail over and over again.
How deep is your love, Lord.
You give us faith, as small as a mustard seed,
and show us how to make it grow.
You give us your Word and tell us it will always be so.
How great is your mercy, Lord.
We see all these things and witness the power of your Hand.
But we continue to ignore You. We refuse to understand.
You give us a task, Lord. A small job to do.
An opportunity of a lifetime and, yet, we reject You.
A powerful Voice is calling us.
A great movement is at hand.
We can see the strength of Your will moving across this land.
We are called by Christ.
We have a mission to fulfill.
We must listen to His voice.
We must follow His will.
A great storm is brewing like nothing we have ever known.
Either we will be safe in His arms or tossed into the unknown.
We can heed His call and lift up His Holy Name.
Let the mighty blessings flow or suffer the blame.
We have a choice to make; the options are very clear.
We follow in His footsteps or lose all that we hold dear.
Lord, forgive our hardheadedness and shower us with grace.
Let us be Your Light for others, in this, the last days.
But I have a God who loves me;
Who has conquered every foe.
My faith is in Him who saves me.
To Him for shelter I go.
My God keeps me from all enemies,
within and without.
He shields the work He has begun
and removes all fear and doubt.
He sends His angels to guard me,
leaving no opening space
through which evil could pierce and reach me.
He keeps me all my days.
At night, when I am resting
deep in the comfort of His arms,
He sends His sentries to alert Him
whenever there is threat of harm.
My God is my salvation,
in no one shall I fear.
He is the Light upon my pathways;
the Lamp that leads me here.
My God is the great I Am:
the One who died for me.
By His stripes I am healed
and by His sacrifice was made free.
He is the alpha and omega;
beginning and the end.
He is my comforter and protector,
my one and truest friend.
My God would never desert me
or leave me all alone.
It is Him I seek in the morning mists;
it is He who guides me home.
My God is the love of my life;
I am the apple of His eye.
All things which He has promised,
He has been faithful to supply.
My God is my Heavenly Father,
it is to Him I turn
when life's woes are upon me;
when the fire within won't burn.
It is He that guides my footsteps,
leading me ever closer still.
He lifts me up on wings of eagles;
I soar high above the hill.
My heart sings with His glory,
my soul cries out to only Him
and in a soft, sweet voice
I hear His reply within.
My God is the great Jehovah
who created all we see
and when the world was lost and dark,
my God died for you and me.
For many miles he had walked
and many more he had yet to go.
He knew not the journey’s end,
he knew only he must go.
This journey was hard and solitaire.
He felt the loneliness closing in
and in a voice filled with pain,
he cried to God for someone to help him.
The heat of the desert sun
bore down and scorched the ground.
A single drop of sweat released
and fell from the man’s brow.
The drop of life-giving water
fell softly by his feet
And, all at once, the earth burst forth
with flowers as far as he could see.
Where moments before there had only been
an arid desert ground.
A profusion of color, of life,
and scent now filled the air around.
In bewilderment, the man looked up
and cried, “I don’t understand.
How can this much life exist
amidst this dry scorched land?”
And God looked down and gently smiled
and spoke quietly to the man.
“Don’t question the origins of the garden.
Just trust the work of my Hand.”
“Just accept this as a gift from Me
– this exuberance of color gone wild.
Just rest a bit in my garden here
and enjoy the moment, my child.”
It was so idyllic,
so peaceful and serene,
I knew it couldn’t be real;
it must be a dream.
The field was bordered by
a distant stand of trees,
And a stream tumbled gently
as far as I could see.
Then I heard a voice,
so deep and pure and sweet,
the birds stopped singing,
knowing they couldn’t compete.
He led me to the stream edge
and asked what I could see.
“Why, Lord,” I answered,
“the purest water ever flowed through a field.”
Then He asked if I could see
its beginning or its end.
I looked, and squinted, even stood on tiptoe,
but saw no destination.
I looked the other way,
back from where the creek had come.
No matter how hard I tried,
I could not find its home.
I hung my head, embarrassed
that I could not say.
But He just smiled and walked on,
ever leading the way.
Then we stopped and He asked
if I could see the trees.
“Why, yes, Lord”, I answered,
ever eager to please.
“Can you count them and tell me
just how many there are?”
I mumbled, “There’s one, two, three”,
but they were just too far.
I shook my head, unable
to give my count aloud.
But He just turned and walked away;
meekly, I followed.
“Beyond the trees,” He said,
“there’s a great roaring sea.
This stream is a rushing river
nearer its destiny.”
“You can only see
what is just in front of your eyes.
Yet I can see all,
and I know where your future lies.”
He let go of my hand;
I gasped as it slipped away.
I felt the rough-seamed edges
of a scar that would never fade.
And I knew this was my Savior;
He who died for me.
Instead of leaning on Him,
I trusted in what I could see.
I trembled with fear at the weight
of what I had done,
Trusting in the world around me,
instead of God’s own Son.
I pleaded, “Lord, forgive me,
I have so much to learn.
I’m trying so very hard
for Your Love to earn.”
He smiled gently and the power
of His love shone through
Into the very depths
of all I am and do.
“My love is a gift”, He said,
“that you can never earn.
Simply accept it and give
your love in return.”
Then, suddenly, He was gone,
but I was not alone.
I know my Lord is always there
to lead me safely home.
I saw them put Him on that cross.
I heard the nails as they were hammered in.
I saw the blood pour from His wounds
and the marks the whip left upon His skin.
The cross was lifted and thrust into the ground.
I heard the sounds of agony.
Jesus was on that cross, His head hung down.
It was a sight I could not bear to see.
But I couldn’t turn away as they crucified Him.
I couldn’t believe this would be the end.
How could He save us now?
Why did they want to kill Him?
The weight of His body sagged forward
as His arms and legs bore the strain.
I could hear the tissues tearing.
I could almost feel the pain.
Sweat, in rivers, ran down His skin and mingled with the flow of blood.
The dirt and grime from the journey here added to that horrible flood.
It was as though I was there.
In that place, at that time.
I could hear the laughter and the mockery.
I heard so little crying.
His voice rang out, Please forgive them.
They know not what they do.
My head hung in shame, He was talking about me.
I wept as my despair grew.
For days I wandered lost; without purpose, aimlessly.
I closed my eyes against the pain, but that image was all I could see.
And then, I heard Great News.
He was not dead, He had survived.
No, not just survived, He claimed victory over death, and was again alive.
The cloud around me lifted.
My heart was filled with joy.
Everyone must hear this news.
Everyone must share this story.
This is a tale of sacrifice.
Of pain and agony we can only imagine.
But the story did not end that day.
He lives! With us again.
Will hear the trumpet blow and know that danger is near.
His shall be the warning sound for those that wish to hear.
God said, “Go set a watchman”.
He said it would not be in vain.
For evil draws ever closer and nothing shall be the same.
The days of peace are over.
The battle draws ever nigh
Those that can hear, shall hear.
And those that don’t, shall die.
Put on the whole armor of God.
Gather the breastplate, the helmet, and sword.
The trumpet has loudly sounded as it is written in God’s word.
The watchman has sounded the warning.
All those who would, let them hear.
The watchman has sounded the warning.
Let those who will, draw near.
Emmanuel, My God and King
There’s none more loving than You
Emmanuel, My Lord and Savior
To You, all my love is due.
Emmanuel, oh, Master and Lord
Come quickly! For evil draws near
Emmanuel, Please keep us From all the dangers here.
Emmanuel, He’s coming
In the clouds, with armies untold
Emmanuel, His judgement to bring Just as the prophets foretold.
Emmanuel, He’s here!
I can see the glory in His face.
Emmanuel, He’s here!
To take us to our rightful place.
Emmanuel, are you ready To face that judgement day?
Time is running short, and soon We will see the clouds give way
For Emmanuel will part those clouds
As the trumpet loudly proclaims
The arrival of our Lord and Master.
Oh Praise His Holy Name.