The Road to the Cross

The Road to the Cross

The Road to the Cross

This book of poems follows the author's life in Christ, with all the questions, the worries, the trials, and the triumphs. She questions God, waits to hear His answer and then shares both in her search for wisdom.
The poems follow her growth in Christ, with the first one, Twenty-five Years, giving her testimony of all the years she was blinded by the lust for things of this world. One day, her eyes and ears were opened to the truth and love she found in God's word and in Him. Read about how she found safety and peace in the Lord, even while believing she had found success in the world.
"I thought I was happy, my life was full. But my soul despaired.
And in a quiet voice, it cried out for that which my mind could not accept.
And You answered." (excerpt from The Light)
Read how the Lord answers her when she asks where she can find comfort, and a true friend,
"Look to the heavens, child. All the answers are here.
My Spirit will be your comfort. I will take away all your fears.
I will always be with you to wipe your tears away.
My presence is your strength each and every step of the way." (excerpt from My Comfort)
Follow along with this author's walk with the Lord, as she learns more about His Wisdom, His Grace, and His Love. This author holds nothing back as she shares her experiences while drawing ever closer to her Lord Jesus. Daring to expose the thoughts of her heart in psalm-like praise along the way. It is an experience to which many can relate.

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The Road to the Cross was first released in November, 2019. Since its publication, it has been given 5/5 stars on and 4/4 stars on

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The Road to the Cross by Susan Mouw is a collection of forty-eight free-verse poems. The author opines that she wrote the book with the hope that readers will realize that God is their heavenly father and that He loves them no matter how far from Him they feel. She writes about her relationship with God. The poems are mainly free-verse, and therefore, most of them have no rhyming and sometimes no meter. A few of the poems, such as ‘The Journey Continues’ and ‘The Chest’ are more like prose. Susan's style of writing is simple and easy to understand with a paucity of literary devices.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading and reflecting on these poems, and it was difficult to choose a favorite poem. One of my favorite poems was ‘My Comfort’ in which the author details a realistic conversation with God about her worries and anxieties. She describes her life before her relationship with Christ as characterized by blindness, ignorance, defeat, and the absence of joy and peace.
I liked the poem 'Do you hear me?' It was like a conversation between a father and child. These lines in the poem resonated with me: “Don’t try to work your way into heaven. It can’t be done that way. It is your heart I treasure above all things and your willingness to obey.”
‘The Waiting Game,’ in my opinion, echoes the thoughts of people struggling with trusting God for answered prayers. I think people going through trying times, will enjoy reading the poem ‘Take my hand.’ I found it particularly comforting.
The verses quoted below are from the poem ‘My Fire Still Burns.’ They spoke to me because they talk about the resilience and grit with which a Christian should face challenges in their lives.
“If Satan thinks he can turn me away by turning my friends against me.
Then he doesn’t know my heart, my commitment, my resolve he doesn’t see.”
These poems are simple and powerful. They appear to have been written from the heart and from the author’s deep conviction about the themes she writes about. They are thought-provoking and inspiring. I would have liked some rhyming and meter, but then, the author’s style of writing is her signature and voice, so I can't be too insistent on my preference. I think this book was professionally edited because I found only one grammatical error. I recommend this book to Christians desirous of a more profound and closer walk with God. I rate this book 4 out of 4 stars because it was an enjoyable and inspiring read.
The Road to the Cross is a work of non-fiction in the style of a collection of poetry and was penned by author Susan Mouw.
Working with inspirational and religious themes, the author presents an exploration of the Christian faith and her own life in Christ, and how that journey came about following the many different influences of her life to date. Spanning decades of life experience, we journey with her from the hedonistic days of youth through her feelings of emptiness, and into the loving acceptance that she has found through God and God's word. What results is a devoted and autobiographical collection of the power of faith.
Christians and those seeking to deepen their faith in God are certain to adore the thematic content of this book, which presents every angle, question, doubt, and difficulty and answers them all in the way that author Susan Mouw experienced them. One of the things I especially enjoyed was the raw and honest quality of the work, which admits questions of faith and expresses the journey to a life in Christ overall, rather than just the results. This makes the ending section all the more evocative because we have seen the roots of its growth. The poetic talents of the author also display a lot of technical skill and a great sense of atmosphere, and some of my favorites included Baby Steps and Please Be Patient. Overall, The Road to the Cross is definitely recommended to Christian readers as an excellent and expressive collection of verse.
As the author pours out her heart and becomes transparent, I felt like I was reading King David's Psalms . Roiled by emotions that swing from faith to questioning - from fear to the secure knowledge that God has his will and her best interests at heart -- the author gives us a glimpse into how many Christians struggle on their faith journey. I can see where this would make a great daily devotional for someone looking for less prose and teaching and more of an emotional and spiritual guide during your quiet time.
These poems are about a real persons journey . A human like you and I that made everyday mistakes but found her way to our Savior. I highly recommend this book for those of you that are trying to find your way to God ❤️
This by far is my favorite poetry book by far! Each poem can be independently read but they also have a unique connection through the life of the author. Susan's artistry shows her in depth understanding of poetry but also how she is able to bring the reader into each page. My wife and I both loved reading the book and believe it would be a huge blessing for others. We plan on having a copy with us in our home! If I could give it more stars I would!

when hearing someone else's path in Christ and hear similarity to yours ,I believe it brings you closer to GOD.This life path is brilliantly written and what a testimony!!

Susan is a talented writer and communicates her personal growth and feelings very well. Well worth reading this excellent book.
What a great collection ! Inspiration abounds and there is surely a passage to speak to your soul and inspire your faith no matter the need!!


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