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Go Set A Watchman was first released in June, 2020. Since its publication, it has been given 5/5 stars on Amazon.com. Below are some of the reviews Go Set A Watchman has received.

"Wow! Praise Jesus!" - Review by labfeet, June 21, 2020

This book is a blessing. The author was precise in her words, but it was still very easy to understand. She backed up all her words with scripture, which to me was very important.

If you are a Christian, you need to read this book to understand where we are in time.

If you are not a Christian, you need to read this book to understand where we are in time and what you will be facing if you do not turn your life to Christ.

This book is very powerful and I pray that it blesses those that read it as it has blessed me.

"Based On Research For Sure" - Review by SassyPencil, June 26, 2020

I enjoyed reading Go Set a Watchman. My personal goal this year was to finally read the Bible straight through in a year. I have three months to go, so I haven't reached the Book of Revelations yet, but I have some familiarity with it, growing up in a Baptist household. The points made are shocking and should make one realize that the Bible and unfolding in real time as we know it. The author is humble enough to admit that she does not know everything that is to occur in end times, but makes some really educated guesses based on the Bible, what has happened in the past, and from what is happening now. Frankly, I am hoping the Rapture means I will be gone before all these evil things happen. It will be hard to be a Christ follower if left behind, as the persecution is beyond anything that we are suffering now. The author also constantly cites her sources for saying what she does. I want to go back and read all of those articles. Many were listed. This was not just a book written off the top of her head. This has great validity and every Christian and non-Christian interested in learning what Christians know will happen should read this book."

"Great read!" - Review by Bill Kelsey, June 29, 2020

This is a great book! The author dexterously connects current events with Biblical prophecies. Even though she does not directly say this, she alludes to the fact we may be in the end times. She backs her premises with solid facts. This is a good read and should open many eyes to the signs of the times.

"Perfect book at the Perfect time." - Review by Jimmy A., September 23, 2020

Certainly in this time with the whole world in so much unrest and in so many ways the world has turned from the teaching of the Bible,it makes one wonder it the end is near. The world has lost its moral compus and so much separation and divide. The world is spiraling out of control and it seems all of the book of revelation is upon us. This book helps you find answers in the scriptures and can bring peace of mind as you take a look at your own life.