The Road to the Cross

Go Set A Watchman

The poems in this book follow the author's growth in Christ, with the first one, Twenty-five Years, giving her testimony of all the years she was blinded by the lust for things of this world. One day, her eyes and ears were opened to the truth and love she found in God's word and in Him. Read about how she found safety and peace in the Lord, even while believing she had found success in the world. "I thought I was happy, my life was full. But my soul despaired. And in a quiet voice, it cried out for that which my mind could not accept. And You answered." (excerpt from The Light)

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Are We In the End Times?

Who is the AntiChrist?

What is the Rapture and when will it happen?

If you are asking these questions, you will want to read Go Set A Watchman. This book looks at past (the re-birth of the nation of Israel) and current events (Covid-19, human microchips, increase in earthquakes, and much more) and correlates those events to Biblical prophecy.

Go Set A Watchman was released in June, 2020. Read more about it here